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Putting AI to work for your students.

At, we understand the challenges faced by special education teachers in crafting meaningful IEP goals. We specialize in elevating your students’ potential through personalized standards and skills-based IEP goals, tailored quarterly objectives, and suggested accommodations that match individual student needs. Leverage the power of AI to propel your students this academic year!

Explore how our platform can benefit your students. Try our FREE Yearly IEP Goal Generation Tool today! Upgrade to our premium membership for exclusive features:​

Save goals for easy access

Create personalized quarterly objectives

Tailor goals to meet student needs and interests

Receive tailored accommodation suggestions

Access a library of example lesson plans

Customize goals based on student present levels

Secure & Appropriate

Speed & Accuracy

Better Collaboration


Free Version (Yearly IEP Goal only)

Enter either the full text of an academic standard, particular area of need, or life skill that you'd like the IEP goal to be based on. Goal Genius's free version will provide an example yearly IEP goal based on what you enter.


Example #1: "CC.5.L.4 Vocabulary Acquisition and Use: Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade 5 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies"


Example #2: "Independently use the toilet"

The below sections are only available as part of the paid version of Goal Genius. If you would like to have Goal Genius customize your IEP goals to your student's skills, needs, and interests and provide customized quarterly objectives, accommodations, and example lesson plans, please visit our pricing page for more information. If you are already a paid member, sign in and click here to access the full tool.


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Example Yearly Goal can help you teach to the child, meeting their needs.

No matter your state, no matter your setting, no matter your grade level, can help you write appropriate and fair IEPs for students. GoalGenius utilizes the power of AI to stay current with standards and accommodations so you can spend less time writing, and more time teaching.

Put AI to work 

Whether you are in front of your students for the first time or you are a special education veteran, use the power of AI to write IEP goals that meet the unique needs of each student.


Simple. Significant. Sensible. Clear goals designed with each student in mind.


Meaningful. Motivational. Goals you can monitor to keep your students on track.


Attainable. Accessible. Goals that encourage success - from a classroom to a life skill.

Relevant & Time Bound

Reasonable. Realistic. Timely. IEP goals that matter to your students. IEP goals measured throughout the year. 

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